Welcome to “The Dip”

The DipIn case you don’t know already, “The Dip” is a book by Seth Godin. In it he talks about how you need to get through this “Dip” in order to be successful.

I always thought it was a great book, but I’ve realised that I’ve been in The Dip myself recently. I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to keep going and get through it on the road to success.

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My First $1,000 Day Online

Bag of money
My First $1,000 Day Online!

I set up this website a few weeks ago, and made my first post on July 9th. The post was called “The Quick Start Challenge“. It talked about a 28-day coaching program I had joined, and how I was aiming to make my first dollar online.

If I’m honest, I had really started the Challenge more in hope than expectation, but I can’t believe how things have moved on in the short time since then.

I have actually started to make money online, and as the title of this post says, this week I’ve had my first $1,000 day! I can hardly believe it.

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Why don’t people use the internet marketing products they buy?

In an earlier post I talked about Frank Kern’s two commandments for online business success, and the first one was “Thou shalt not f*** around”. This commandment referred to people (like me) who buy internet marketing products, one after the other, and never actually do anything with them.

I found a video on YouTube where Frank and John Reese, another internet marketing guru, go to see Tony Robbins to talk about why very few people who buy internet marketing products ever use them.

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Frank Kern’s keys to success

SuccessI found an amazing video on YouTube where Frank Kern talks about how to be successful in online business. You can find it further down the page.

There are dozens of great Frank Kern videos online but this one really grabbed me because in it Frank provides his two commandments of internet success, on which more later.

Who is Frank Kern?

If you have an interest in internet marketing and online business you probably know who Frank Kern is, but just in case you don’t here’s a little bit of info.

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