My First $1,000 Day Online

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My First $1,000 Day Online!

I set up this website a few weeks ago, and made my first post on July 9th. The post was called “The Quick Start Challenge“. It talked about a 28-day coaching program I had joined, and how I was aiming to make my first dollar online.

If I’m honest, I had really started the Challenge more in hope than expectation, but I can’t believe how things have moved on in the short time since then.

I have actually started to make money online, and as the title of this post says, this week I’ve had my first $1,000 day! I can hardly believe it.

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The Quick Start Challenge

“Right. That’s it. I’ve had enough.”

These are the first words on one of my favourite blogs. It’s called, “One Man’s Battle To Make Money Online”, and it’s written by Chris Farrell.

You may have heard of Chris, who is one of the best known names in internet marketing. An interesting thing about his blog is that it shows he really did start off knowing almost nothing about the internet, or how to make money on it, and look where he is now.

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