My First $1,000 Day Online

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My First $1,000 Day Online!

I set up this website a few weeks ago, and made my first post on July 9th. The post was called “The Quick Start Challenge“. It talked about a 28-day coaching program I had joined, and how I was aiming to make my first dollar online.

If I’m honest, I had really started the Challenge more in hope than expectation, but I can’t believe how things have moved on in the short time since then.

I have actually started to make money online, and as the title of this post says, this week I’ve had my first $1,000 day! I can hardly believe it.

All thanks to Dean Holland

For helping me get underway with this, and to start making money online, I have Dean Holland and his team to thank. When I was writing that first blog post in July I looked at Dean’s original website, written when he was starting off.

Dean talked in his first post about how he had struggled to make money online for years, and he ended with the statement, “My online earnings to date: $0 . . This is where it starts”.

I included that quotation in my first post, since that’s how things were for me at the time. Looking back, I don’t think I really believed that I would be able to change my situation. How wrong could I be?

In case you don’t know, over the past few years Dean has become very successful in online business and is now mentoring other people, like me.

Five words that will kill your success

Another Internet Marketing expert, Jeff Walker, said recently that the five words guaranteed to kill your success are, “that won’t work for me”. I mention this because I think that’s what I believed when I was hearing about the success other people were having making money online.

I’m so glad I put those doubts aside and went for it, because finally it’s working out for me too. Those five words may have stopped me in the past, but they won’t any more.

I’ve got some free training videos for you

The Quick Start Challenge isn’t open at the moment, but Dean has another online business development program called “The Big Commission Blueprint”. I have recently completed this program as part of my journey and it provides a way to start making real money online.

Dean has let me have a series of online business training videos for people who might be interested in developing an online business. If you click this link and leave me your email address I’ll send you the information. It’s free and I hope you will find it useful.

I’m going to end with an update on the original quote from Dean’s blog:

“My online earnings to date: going well … It’s already started…”.

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