My latest internet marketing tools

Tool kitI’ve been buying internet marketing tools for several years but not doing very much with them.

As I have come across these tools the sales pitches have managed to convince me that I can’t go another day without them, and that as soon as I buy them the money will start rolling in.

Well that didn’t happen, and it’s only recently that I have started to make some money online.

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Getting started with online video

Girl with camcorderIt seems that I’m not going to get very far in online business and internet marketing unless I learn how to use video effectively.

I do have some experience of making videos of narrated PowerPoint presentations, and for the Quick Start Challenge I had to make a video of me talking to the camera.

However, I’m learning that there is a lot more that can be done, and I’m starting to explore the various options.

Making videos available online

I recently obtained some excellent internet marketing training and case study videos from my mentor, Dean Holland.

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My First Solo Ad Campaign

Advertising bullhornI’ve heard and read quite a bit about solo ads, but I haven’t taken the plunge and done a solo ad campaign until now. The main reason I haven’t done it in the past is that solo ads cost money, and you need something to advertise that is likely to cover the cost of the ads and hopefully make a profit.

I have considered using solo ads to send people to a web page where they can leave their email address in order to receive a free gift (what I now know is a “squeeze” or “opt-in” page). This would help me to build my list, and as everyone always says, “the money is in the list”.

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